Cupcake – The History of the Elegant Cake

Cupcakes are delicious and one of the most popular types of dessert today. They can also be made by individual cupcake makers for those who like to do their own baking and design. A cupcake, sometimes called a biscotti, is simply a small round cake baked from just flour, sugar and baking powder that is designed to only serve one single person at a time. As with other round cakes, more elaborate cake decorations like candy and frosting can be used.


A recipe for a 1 cupcake originally called Viennese White, was composed by a cookbook writer who wanted to create a sweet but not too sweet cupcake. The original recipe called for equal parts of butter and flour. The cupcake was baked until it was light and fluffy, then it was covered in powdered sugar. These cupcakes were then topped with marzipan and fresh fruit, or icing, depending on what the baker favored. Viennese cream cheese was often used to top the cupcakes.

In America, cupcakes were first baked by German immigrants in the late 1800s. At first these cakes were muffin-sized and made from different ingredients such as sour cream, eggs and molasses. When bakers began to make larger cakes they began to call them crullers, a French term meaning “dessert”. Creme Brule, sparkling white milk, was the first frosting but was quickly replaced with margarine, butter or shortening. Muffin cups were also made with eggs and different ingredients, but were not considered to be a true cupcake until the late nineteen-hundreds.

The next big shift in cupcake preparation occurred in the United States, when cupcake recipes began to appear in the very first cookbooks. It became a hit with both young and old alike and was especially popular with the southern belle who could eat a slice while washing dishes. By the early twentieth century, however, most bakeries had stopped making traditional-shaped cupcakes and adapted to making small cake baked with many different ingredients including different types of icing. These new creations became the modern day cupcake.

Today’s cupcakes are very popular at home and are a favorite for parties and social events. They can be decorated with a variety of frostings and toppings ranging from a simple silver lining to an assortment of colorful frostings and candy. Children’s cupcakes are now being made dressier and children love to eat them while they are playing.

A cupcake may be described as an over-sized cake baked and cooled to a minimum amount that allows it to be sliced into individual cupcakes. Today, cupcakes may also be made to order, but there is an increasing trend toward baking cupcakes may be purchased ready made. Many bakeries offer special recipes designed especially for new users to try at home. Some popular cupcake recipes include fruit cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, and much more. There are also some basic recipes available that can be used in any flavor or combination as well as frosting recipes for a variety of flavors.