Ramen – The Ultimate Comfort Food


Ramen is the ultimate comfort food and can be found in thousands of Japanese restaurants. Some ramen restaurants have dedicated staff who spend their careers perfecting the art. Ramen is synonymous with Japan, and you should travel to every corner of the country to taste some of the most delicious bowls. The best way to travel around Japan and eat ramen is to buy a JR Pass, which allows you unlimited train travel on the domestic train network.

There are two main types of ramen. A classic ramen has a thin layer of soup, which separates the noodles and soup. The broth of tsukemen is a rich, savory soup that can be either hot or cold. The broth is typically made from pork and is full of flavor. The noodle bowls are often served with a little sauce.

Ramen is thought to have originated in China, but has spread to other parts of the world. It has been served for more than a century in Japan. After World War II, the popularity of ramen grew in Japan as the Japanese returned home from the war. In the post-war era, ramen restaurants exploded in popularity in Tokyo and Yokohama, thanks to the popularity of Shina soba. However, after the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, many of the ramen restaurants suffered extensive damage. In addition, the Chinese population moved to rural areas and opened Chinese restaurants. This migration has been credited for the survival of local ramen today.

There are many different types of ramen, and each one has its own special taste. The soup is usually broth-based, but ramen broths can vary in taste. Some ramen broths are rich, while others are spicier. The ingredients in ramen soup are similar, but they vary according to region. Choosing the right ramen broth is an important step to enjoy the ultimate comfort food.

In addition to broth, ramen soup can have various toppings. A typical topping for a ramen soup is chashu. Other typical toppings include wood-ear mushroom, beni-shoga, and spicy mustard greens. Crushed garlic and sesame seeds are also served tableside.

Toppings can vary according to region. In Tokyo, for example, ramen is usually served with shoyu soy sauce and chashu. Similarly, Hakata ramen uses tonkotsu soup and often has wood ear mushrooms and chopped green onions. The addition of boiled eggs, which are usually marinated in soy sauce or mirin, adds creaminess to the broth.

Ramen is one of the most popular foods in Japan. Its origins date back to the Meiji era, when Chinese immigrants settled in Japan. The Chinese brought the dish with them, and it was later adapted by Japanese chefs to suit the tastes of the locals. Eventually, ramen became an indispensable staple of Japanese cuisine.

While ramen is traditionally a soup of noodles, there are several different kinds. Some restaurants use chicken broth, soy sauce, salt, and miso to add a unique flavor. Tonkotsu is the most popular style and is commonly found in Tokyo’s Asakusa area.