Is Fortnite Safe For Children?


Fortnite is one of the most popular — and controversial — video games among young people. But what exactly is it, and how safe is it for children to play?

Created by Epic Games, the free-to-play game is a multiplayer video game in which players collaborate to survive in an open world. Players fight off other characters, controlled either by the computer or by other players, using weapons. The game was first released in 2017 and features violence with guns, though no blood is shown and the graphics are cartoonlike. It was originally geared toward teenagers, but its popularity quickly grew and it became a favorite among professional video game streamers. By early 2019, it had some 250 million players worldwide.

A key to Fortnite’s success has been its flexibility. The game is updated on a weekly basis with new gameplay, customization options and events. The latest release, called “Fortnite Season 6,” featured a reimagined island, new ways to use weapons and special items, and a variety of pop culture tie-ins. It also rolled out a new game mode, a sandbox game called “Fortnite Creative,” that gives players complete freedom to design and manipulate an island.

The sandbox game is played by up to 15 players and includes the ability to stage competition games and battle arenas. Players can spawn any item from the Battle Royale game mode and place them in the world to create whatever they want. This version of the game is rated PEGI 12 for frequent scenes of mild violence.

Fortnite is available on Xbox One, PlayStation, computers, and mobile devices. It supports cross-platform play, meaning that players can interact with each other regardless of what device they’re playing on.

As with all multiplayer games, Fortnite can have issues with inappropriate content and online behavior. In particular, players can be bullied, harassed or even threatened by other gamers. It’s important that parents talk to their kids about these potential risks and keep an eye out for any signs of bullying or harassment while their child is playing.

Another concern is the potential for distraction and loss of focus while playing. If a player is distracted by an incoming message, for example, or if their internet connection slows down, they can be killed. This makes it essential that parents monitor their kids’ gaming and encourage them to play in shared family spaces rather than their own bedrooms.

With its cartoonish graphics and collaborative nature, fortnite is a great option for younger players. However, it’s important that parents supervise their kids when they’re playing and make sure they’re only using approved controllers. Additionally, it’s essential that children have a strong and reliable internet connection while playing fortnite to avoid lag and dropped connections that can lead to frustration and even crashes. In addition, the game can be very addictive, so it’s important that children limit their gaming time and take regular breaks. This will help them stay focused and healthy.