Baking a Big Cupcake

A cupcake is simply a very small round cake designed to only serve one person, who can be baked on a flat, small cupcake or aluminum cupcake. As with other round cakes, decorating and frosting can be done, but the actual design of the cupcake will depend on your personal taste. Cupcakes can be decorated in many different ways, from classic and elegant to cute and fun.


A classic design for cupcakes is a simple, round cake design with a layer of frosting between the two layers of cake. This is often called a fairy cake, and there are many versions of this design. The most popular version is probably the ones with two princesses floating through the center of the cake, with their wings outstretched. Another nice thing about using frosting as the main design element is that it can look like it is covering the entire cake – if you use a color scheme and look closely, you can see part of a hidden portion of the cake underneath the frosting.

Most modern cupcake bakers these days tend to use butter cream or shortening as the main ingredient for their cupcakes. These can either be purchased from the grocery or prepared at home. If you decide to buy butter cream or shortening from the store, then you will need to use unsweetened real cream and not any of the other added flavors such as powdered sugar or vanilla. Also, bakers often choose to not put heavy cream or powdered sugar into their cupcake pans, so all they have left is some water, oil, and a bit of food coloring. Food coloring tends to give cupcakes a unique appearance, but not to our liking – we prefer a smooth, uniform look to our cupcakes.

Another option that modern bakers have for cupcakes is to use no liner. These cupcakes are wrapped in liners which come in many different sizes, designs, and colors to go with your decorating scheme. Liners are usually made of paper, but some bakers have been known to use fabric and even cardboard. Either way, liners provide an easy way to make sure that your cupcakes do not get messy – and sometimes sticky!

Some of the fancy and more expensive cupcakes may have decorations baked onto them as well. Decorations can be as simple as frosting flowers on the cupcake to as complex as having custom frosting designed onto them. Either way, your cupcakes may very well be the most expensive decoration you have ever had when baked. This may also make them the most memorable decoration you have ever had when baked.

Baked cup cakes can be displayed in a number of different ways. The traditional method is to allow each guest to take a piece of the cake to be able to bite into it and get a good taste of it before it is served. Another option is to freeze all of the cupcakes individually and then thaw them as they need to be. This helps keep them fresher for longer and often results in cup cake that tastes better than those purchased from a stand or bakery.