Ramen Basics

Ramen is a delicious Japanese soup made from alkaline noodles, and the noodle dish first came to prominence in China. Over the next century, it spread throughout Japan, where the alkaline noodles were popular with returning troops. As ramen became increasingly popular in Japan, restaurants began to offer it to their customers. Here are some of the most common ingredients used in ramen soup:

To start, ramen comes from the word “la mian,” which comes from La mian, a noodle dish from the city of Lanzhou in northwestern China. The word ramen means “pull” in Chinese, and the word laomian refers to fermented dough. In 1922, a cafetirium named the dish “takeya” opened in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Originally, the dish was called pepper steak ramen, but this later became popular and it quickly spread across the country.

The soup that makes up ramen is known as dashi, and its flavor is derived from a combination of soy sauce and miso. Ramen shops often serve shio broth, which is made from vegetables and seafood. Vegetarian options are available as well. Toppings are nearly limitless. Typical ramen toppings include pork belly, green onions, soft-cooked eggs, lobster, and dashi. Many restaurants also allow customers to add more vegetables and other ingredients to their bowls.

Ramen is often sold at tiny counter seats called ramen-ya. The entrance of a ramen-ya is usually staffed by just one or two people. The machines at these establishments are typically operated by ticket systems. Customers purchase tickets for the amount of ramen they want and give them to the counter staff behind the counter. The prices vary according to size and quality. Smaller cities and rural areas tend to be cheaper than larger ones. Typically, the higher-priced bowls contain more toppings.

The broth used to make ramen is made by boiling ingredients. This broth consists of a variety of ingredients, including pork bones. The tare is the salty sauce that gives the soup its flavor. Tare can be liquid, paste, or powder. The chefs choose tare based on the type of broth and the ingredients in the ramen soup. To add salt to the broth, the chefs will add soy sauce or miso.

Another popular ramen style is from Kagoshima, a port city on Kyushu. This style of ramen is light and creamy, made from a broth made from pork bones, cloudy chicken stock, and dried sardines. It is often served with green onions, raw eggs, or char siu or fish cakes. The dish is also known locally as chuka soba, and Chinese soba.

Traditionally, ramen soups were served with boiled noodles and toppings made from meat, fish, or vegetables. Toppings may include chopped scallions, pickled ginger, and shredded leeks. Other common ramen toppings are sliced leeks, fermented bamboo shoots, and chashu, a thinly sliced pork belly that has been braised to bring out its juiciness. Other ingredients, such as nori, add a salty crunch to the soup.