How to Make Ramen at Home


Ramen is a bowl of thick, chewy wheat noodles drenched in a hot broth and often topped with meat, vegetables, and other delicious ingredients. It is a popular Japanese comfort food, and one of the most iconic dishes in Japan.

It is also the world’s most inexpensive dish, making it a go-to lunch or dinner option for many families. It is a cheap meal that is packed with flavor, and is easily prepared at home.

There are 4 main styles of ramen: Shoyu, Shio, Tonkotsu and Miso. Each has their own distinctive flavors.

The most important part of any ramen soup is the broth itself. Broths can vary in thickness and are seasoned with a variety of ingredients.

Some ramen broths are made from beef, pork or chicken bones. Others are made from fish, soybeans or other vegetables. Regardless of the origin, the broth is often flavored with soy sauce and mirin.

Most ramen broths have an earthy, deep taste. Some are a bit salty or tangy, while others are sweet and creamy.

You can find a wide variety of broths at Japanese grocery stores and specialty stores. Some are flavored with bonito flakes and kelp. Other flavors may include dried seaweed, mushrooms or katsuobushi.

When choosing the right type of broth for your ramen, you must consider the style you want to create and the amount of meat or vegetable that you plan to add. You should choose a broth that is thick enough to cling to the noodles, yet not so rich that they become heavy or cloudy.

The next step is to decide which seasonings you will use. There are many choices, but the most common are soy sauce, miso and salt.

These are all used to enhance the flavor of the soup and give it depth. Soy sauce tare is usually in a liquid form, miso tare is a paste, and salt tare is a powder. Chefs choose which tare to use based on the style of the broth they are making, for example if it is light and simple, they might pick salt tare.

If you are looking for a more intense flavor, you can also try using miso tare instead of soy sauce. It will give you more of a nutty flavor and will also make your ramen more hearty.

Lastly, you can always add a few extra toppings to your ramen to make it even more delicious! Chashu (fatty pork) is a common topping, but you can also try adding other things like green onions or menma.

Adding a ramen egg is another great way to change the flavor of your ramen. This is a popular Japanese addition to many bowls of ramen, and it adds the perfect texture and a nice amount of saltiness to the dish.