Is Fortnite Right For Your Kids?

Fortnite is a multiplayer video game that’s played on consoles, computers, and mobile devices. It’s free to play, but there are in-app purchases. It’s also a big hit among kids. It combines two popular genres of video games – survival and shooter – and has a cartoonish look that’s more appealing to younger players than some more gory video games. It’s also social, allowing kids to play with friends in Duos or Trios and to stream their gameplay on YouTube.

It’s also a game that continues to evolve and change with each new “season.” The core battle royale mode pits up to 100 players against one another as a storm cloud slowly closes in, forcing them into exhilarating showdowns. But each season adds different game modes and features, including the ability to build structures and set traps to defend them. It also introduces special events and rewards, often tied to popular pop culture themes.

The entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) rates it “T,” for teens. But it’s really a game for anyone who wants to enjoy the action. It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in and can become addictive. Kids who struggle with ADHD or who have trouble interacting socially can be particularly absorbed in the game. They may need help learning how to take a break from it, or they might need stricter screen time rules.

Parents need to consider whether their children are ready for the challenge of playing Fortnite. The game’s violence is fairly mild, but it can be scary for young players. It also has an unmoderated chat function, which can put kids at risk of being exposed to inappropriate language or even bullying.

Depending on how your family uses the consoles and devices your kids play on, you may want to set up a separate gaming system for Fortnite so that it doesn’t interfere with other household activities. But be aware that kids can find ways to sneak into the game on other devices, too.

Fortnite is available for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PCs and Macs, and iOS and Android mobile devices. It’s cross-platform, meaning that someone who plays on an Xbox can interact with someone who’s playing on a PlayStation or on a computer.

Since the summer of 2020, Fortnite creator Epic Games has been involved in a public battle with Apple over how much the company collects from in-app purchases on the App Store. This has led to some confusion about how to download the game on iPhones, but the app is still available to those who can’t or choose not to buy it through the App Store.