Is Fortnite Safe For Kids?


Unlike most video games, which are geared to a narrow age range, fortnite has attracted an audience that includes players as young as 12. The popularity of the game, with its cartoon-like violence and large community of fans, has raised concerns among parents. But many kids are playing fortnite safely, and the game offers a number of positive qualities, such as teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Fortnite first hit the scene in 2017, but it didn’t become a phenomenon until 2018. The wildly popular battle royale game is free to play, but its 250 million users have spent billions on in-game microtransactions. The success of the game has shaken the gaming industry and prompted Epic Games to launch its own digital marketplace, the Epic Games Store, that will compete with Apple’s App Store.

The game sparked massive interest from YouTube and Twitch content creators, who have found that they can earn millions of dollars by streaming their gameplay. Essentially, they show off the game to their audience and then receive a code that players can use when making purchases on the platform. Those codes give the creators a cut of the money that their viewers spend. The strategy has helped “Fortnite” remain the most popular multiplayer shooter in history.

A major part of the appeal of fortnite is its easy-to-use interface. Its simple controls allow even very young players to pick up and enjoy the game. The ability to build structures in the game is also a big draw, as it allows gamers of all ages to express their creativity while building forts and other creations. The game’s bright colors and cartoon-like graphics make for a fun and appealing aesthetic, which has won it mass appeal.

Although fortnite does include some violence, it is not violent enough to warrant a rating higher than 12+ by PEGI. The violence is cartoonish, and there is no blood. But the game’s unmoderated chat functionality means children could be exposed to inappropriate language or bullying from other players.

While most of the games in fortnite are created by the player, Epic Games does review some of them through a combination of automated tools and human review. This ensures that the content is appropriate for the game’s audience and abides by Epic’s content rules.

The game’s regular updates keep it fresh and engaging for its large player base, with new content introducing themes and items that can be used in the main game mode or in other game modes like Creative. For example, a collaboration with Marvel’s Galactus in late 2022 attracted huge audiences to the game’s streams and created a whole new subset of content within fortnite. But the urge to keep playing can push a gamer’s focus away from other interests or socializing, and some kids may have trouble balancing their game time with schoolwork and family activities. That’s why it’s important to talk with your kids about online safety and how to report bad behavior or block another player if needed.