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How to Get Started in Fortnite


Fortnite is the world’s most popular video game. The North Carolina-based company behind it, Epic Games, has racked up hundreds of millions of active users and generated billions of dollars from in-game microtransactions.

The sandbox shooter is available on a variety of platforms including PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and iOS devices. Its popularity is based on its flexibility and ability to deliver new content, updates, and features weekly.

Playing Fortnite involves two main modes: Battle Royale and Creative mode. In Battle Royale, players can drop in solo or in squads of up to four to fight for survival in an ever-decreasing map. In the Creative mode, players can create their own private islands, complete missions to earn in-game items and experience, and use their imaginations to build everything from buildings to cars.

There are four ’chapters’ released in the past year, each of which brings a new feature or map to Fortnite. These changes are designed to draw in older players while introducing new ones.

In Season 4 for example, the newest chapter includes superhero items and costumes that bring some well-known comic book characters to the game. The game also includes new maps that are inspired by famous comic book locations.

The game is free to play, but it makes billions of dollars by selling digital skins and seasonal ‘Battle Passes’ that grant access to in-game items. The FTC has recently hit the game’s developer with a $520 million penalty for violating consumer protection laws.

If you’re considering playing the game, it’s important to know how to get started and what to expect from it. First, you should understand that the game’s sandbox style can be addictive. It’s easy to get engrossed in the game and tempted to spend money on in-game purchases, even if they’re not necessary.

Second, you should make sure your child is aware of the risks associated with playing video games online. There’s the potential to be exposed to strangers, and there’s a chance they could encounter violence in the form of profanity or sexual content.

Third, you should ensure that your child is aware of the cost of in-game purchases. Some in-game items can be expensive, especially if your child has high-end hardware.

Fourth, you should check your child’s online activity to see if they are engaging in any other games or activities that aren’t related to Fortnite. This can be a good indicator of whether they’re spending too much time in the game, or not.

Finally, you should consider the game’s rating system. Fortnite has a low age limit of 12+, but it does involve shooting other players – albeit without blood and gore – and this can be an off-putting experience for younger children.

It’s also worth noting that if your child is particularly into the game, it can be difficult to control their actions when they are playing online. They may find themselves chatting with other gamers or posting comments in the chat box that they shouldn’t have posted.

How to Make a Cupcake


A cupcake is a small cake that is baked in a cup and topped with frosting. They are typically used for special occasions, such as birthdays and baby showers. They also are popular with children who are learning to bake.

Cupcakes are smaller and easier to transport than large cakes, so they’re perfect for sharing with family or friends. They are also more affordable and calorie-friendly than larger cakes, so they can be a great option for kids and adults who are watching their weight.

They are made using a standard cake-mixing method, so they usually contain a higher ratio of fat (butter, oil, or dairy) and sugar to flour. This helps make them more tender than other types of baking, while also creating a lighter and more delicate crumb.

Most cupcakes are topped with frosting, but they can be adorned with other fun decorations to make them look more festive. These decorations can be anything from sprinkles to icing. Some people even use a decorating bag to create drop flowers, leaves, petals or stars on their cupcakes!

To prepare your cupcakes, you’ll need a muffin pan and paper cupcake liners. The pan should be well-greased with butter or vegetable shortening, and the liners will help keep the cupcakes from crumbling while they’re baking. You can also buy fluted (corrugated) paper liners for this purpose.

When you’re ready to bake your cupcakes, the first step is to measure out all of the ingredients. This will ensure that you get the proper amounts of everything for your recipe. After the ingredients are measured out, they must be mixed together until a thick batter is formed.

The batter must be transferred to the cupcake pan, and the cupcakes are then put into the oven. They’re then baked for the amount of time specified in the recipe. When they’re done, the cupcakes are then cooled.

Once the cupcakes are completely cool, they can then be frosted with a generous dollop of frosting. This will give them a nice, smooth finish and allow you to easily pipe swirls of frosting around the outside edge of the cupcake.

Some people like to use a piping bag with a #6 star tip for piping swirled frosting on their cupcakes. To do this, start at the outside of the cupcake and spiral up towards the center to create a beautiful peak.

Another method to frost your cupcakes is to use a flexible spatula, which will allow you to spread the frosting on the sides of the cupcakes with ease and will make it much easier to do fluffy swirls. The spatula will also help you keep the edges of the cupcakes from getting too sloppy, which can happen if you try to frost them by hand with a piping bag.

Some people like to make their own homemade frosting, but you can also purchase pre-made frosting at many grocery stores. Just make sure that the icing is at least room temperature, as it can harden quickly if it’s not. You can also add food color to your icing if you’d like to give it a different color.

Fortnite Is a Great Game For Kids and Families

Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Epic Games. It was launched in 2017 and has become a viral phenomenon with millions of players across multiple platforms.

The game features three distinct game modes: Solo, Duo, and Team. The first two are based on traditional online multiplayer gameplay, while the last one is more of a survival experience. The game has also been featured in several popular pop culture events.

For young gamers, the game is a great way to build and develop their skills in a fun, cartoonish environment. The colorful animations are a big draw, and the fact that kids can play with their friends in Duos and Trios adds a social element to the game.

Another major draw of the game is that it allows kids to play on different devices and machines, a huge benefit for younger players who might not be comfortable with playing on their parents’ laptops or desktop computers. Unlike many other video games, Fortnite is cross-platform and compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

In addition, the game has a robust community and player base that makes it possible for content creators to earn a share of the profits from their creations within the game. This is done through a system called the “creator code” that Epic offers to content creators and professional gamers.

Having a large community of players has also allowed Epic to create special events that bring people together and engage in unique experiences. The game hosted a live concert by Marshmello in March that was watched by more than 10 million people, and Disney debuted unreleased footage from the new Star Wars movie inside the game earlier this month.

The game is rated for children 12 and up by the Video Standards Council in the UK and the ESRB in the US. It is not recommended for children under 13 due to the violence involved in the game and the frequent use of guns, knives, and other weapons.

Aside from the violence, there is also a significant amount of in-game chat that can be dangerous. If you are concerned about your child playing online, Fortnite has a parent control option that will block them from chat and other in-game activities.

This is a huge benefit for families with young children because it helps to keep the game safe and fun for everyone. It’s also great for older players because it lets them chat with other gamers, which can help them get better at the game.

While the game’s graphics are cartoonish, it does still feature violence and a lot of action. It’s rated for children 12 and up by the ESRB in the US, but it is not recommended for children under 13.

If your child loves the game, there are several ways to unlock exclusive items and get more out of their gameplay. The first is to buy V-Bucks in-game, which are earned as you level up. Additionally, there are a series of challenges that you can complete in the game to earn V-Bucks and other rewards. In addition, the game also has regular seasons that introduce new content and items to the game.

What Is Ramen?

A noodle soup with a rich, flavorful broth served with a selection of toppings including chashu (slices of pork), menma (bamboo shoots preserved in salt), negi (chopped or shredded leeks or green onions), karanegi (spicy variation of shredded leeks), moyashi (bean sprouts), and tamogo (hard-boiled, soft-boiled, raw, or marinated eggs).

Ramen originated in Japan. Today, it’s a popular dish in the Western world as well. It’s available in tiny restaurants and late-night street carts.

Japanese-style ramen noodles come in many shapes and sizes, but they are typically made with wheat flour. Restaurants will allow customers to request the thickness and ‘doneness’ of their noodles. Some ramen-ya have ticket machines to ensure that customers can order quickly and easily.

The broth in a bowl of ramen is usually flavored with a system of flavorings called tare. Often, this means soy sauce and mirin, but sometimes, it’s a combination of other ingredients such as kombu (kelp), niboshi (dried sardines) or miso.

Some ramen shops also add vegetables and mushrooms to their soups. Wood ear and shitake mushrooms are common in most types of ramen, but the addition of kernels of sweet corn is especially delicious.

In some ramen styles, such as tonkotsu, meat is simmered longer to develop its flavor and thickness. Pork and chicken are typically used, but a variety of other meats can be found as well.

Noodles are a key component of most ramen dishes and they must be cooked to a certain degree before serving. This is because the noodles will absorb liquid and cook more rapidly than they would if left uncooked. Some ramen shops will even boil the noodles for two minutes prior to adding them to the soup, giving them a slightly chewy texture.

Most ramen shops use thick noodles and cook them to a slightly firm or hard consistency, but some will offer thinner or more soft-cooked noodles as well. Some ramen shops also include additional condiments in the noodle packet, such as soy sauce or sesame oil.

Depending on the type of ramen, additional toppings may be added to the soup and poured on top. These can range from simple garnishes such as a few slices of chashu or menma to flashy, eye-catching combinations that might include a slice of fish cake and a handful of nori sheets.

Toppings can be used with all types of ramen, from shoyu to tonkotsu to miso. The most common are chashu, menma, and tamago, which is a marinated egg.

Other toppings are bean sprouts, scallions, and a variety of seaweeds such as nori and wakame. These can be boiled, steamed or sautéed and topped with soy sauce, sesame oil, or chili paste.

For a more authentic experience, it’s best to visit a ramen shop where they prepare the ramen in front of you. However, if you want to make the most of your ramen, you can buy a packet and cook it yourself.

To make ramen at home, start by boiling water to create the broth. Then, drop in the noodles and cook them for three minutes. After that, stir in the ramen seasoning packet and serve.

Important Parts of a Bowl of Ramen

Ramen is one of the most famous noodle dishes in Japan and it is loved worldwide. It has many different variations depending on the soup base, noodles, and toppings. It is an amazing and complex dish, made up of little subtleties and incredible depths of flavour.

The broth is the most important part of a bowl of ramen, so it’s important to get the right one. There are four main types of broth: shio (salt), miso (soy sauce), shoyu (soy sauce), and tonkotsu (pork bone).

A good way to tell which one you are having is the colour of the soup and the noodles. For example, if the soup is clear and pale, you’ll have a shio-based bowl of ramen.

In addition, the type of flour used for the noodles is also an important factor. Most ramen shops use flour that is very fine and white in color, so the noodles will stand out against the soup and the ingredients in the ramen.

When choosing the flour, make sure you choose a fine, white wheat flour that is gluten free. This will give the noodles a nice texture and a lighter taste.

Toppings are another important part of a bowl of ramen, and it’s important to pick the ones that match the soup. Some of the most popular toppings are chashu, menma, and negi.

If you’re having a pork-based broth, be sure to add some chashu or braised fatty pork (chashu tare). You can also add some chopped green onions or leeks if you want more texture and flavor variety in your bowl.

Lastly, a lot of people like to add a bit of pepper to their bowls of ramen to spice them up. You can either sprinkle a little on top of your soup, or you can mix it in with your noodles.

It’s best to eat ramen hot as it gets soggy if you let it sit for too long. It’s also a good idea to slurp your bowl in order to cool down the soup and make it easier to slurp. Slurping can also help you to get the best flavors out of your ramen.

How to Make a Cupcake

A cupcake is a small cake baked in a cup-shaped container and usually topped with frosting. It is a popular dessert that has been around for centuries and is the perfect treat to share with friends and loved ones.

When we think of the term cupcake, we probably envision a cute little treat that is adorned with frosting and sprinkles, but there are many different types of cupcakes. There are classic cakes, cupcakes that are stuffed with a variety of fillings and flavors, and even a special cupcake that is only made for certain occasions.

Some of the best things about cupcakes are that they are easy to make, versatile, and delicious! They are a great choice for parties, social events, and even as an everyday treat.

The first step is to make sure you have the right ingredients on hand before you start baking. This means you will need some butter, eggs, flour, sugar, and milk. You may also need some extras, such as baking powder and flavorings.

You should also make sure that the oven is preheated before you start baking. This is important because it will help the cupcakes bake properly and evenly.

Once you have the ingredients ready, it is time to start mixing the batter. You can use a traditional spoon or a spring-loaded ice cream scoop to quickly divide the batter between the cups of your cupcake pans.

This is a great tip to remember because it will help you save time and effort. It will also help you avoid messy bowls of batter!

When you mix the batter, it is important to keep the mixer running and to move the beaters back and forth. This will help the batter incorporate more air into the mixture, helping it rise and become light in texture.

You should also use a baking thermometer to be sure that your cupcakes are cooked correctly. This is an inexpensive tool that can help you ensure your cupcakes are fully baked and will not burn.

To check if your cupcakes are done, insert a toothpick into the center of one of the cakes and see if it comes out clean. If the cupcakes are still liquid in the center, they may need a few minutes longer to cook.

If your cupcakes are done, they should be slightly wiggly and spring back when you press lightly with your finger. You should also be able to pull them out of the tin without getting any batter on your hands or on the outside of the tin.

The final step is to put the cupcakes into the oven and bake them. Once the cupcakes are finished baking, they should look like a golden brown and smell delicious!

It is also a good idea to check for doneness on the second baking tray of cupcakes about 5 minutes before the recipe says to. This will allow the oven to get to a temperature that is appropriate for baking the rest of the cupcakes.

Fortnite Is a Living, Breathing Sandbox


Fortnite is one of the most popular games on the market. In just a year, it has accumulated over 125 million active users worldwide and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. It is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, some Android phones and PC via the Epic Games Store.

It has three distinct game modes: Battle Royale, Save the World and Creative. Each mode has its own unique gameplay and a different style of play.

The most popular mode is Battle Royale, which pits 100 players against each other in a fight for survival. As the game progresses, a storm shrinks the area in which the avatars (the figures representing the players) are located, forcing them to fight each other until only one remains standing.

Another popular mode is Save the World, which is a cooperative tower defense-shooter that also focuses on teamwork and survival. Here, players fight off zombie-like creatures and defend objects with traps and fortifications they build.

There are also several ‘chapters’ that add new features and map changes that keep the game fresh and interesting for players. However, players are required to purchase a ‘Battle Pass’ to gain access to all of the latest content.

This is the key to ‘Fortnite’s’ success. It enables Epic to release updates frequently, keeping the game fresh and adding new ways to play.

As a result, the game is constantly evolving and attracting new audiences. It is a living, breathing entity that changes at the whim of its creators and suits the tastes of an audience that is both large and diverse.

The game has also spawned its own esports scene, with top-tier players making huge amounts of money and building careers from playing the game. Recently, Disney rolled out a Star Wars event inside the game, and people who participated received a special lightsaber they can use in future matches.

The company also works with a professional gaming community to keep the game relevant. This has resulted in “Fortnite” becoming a model for other ongoing games to follow, as the flexible sandbox provides a way to easily adapt and create new experiences.

How to Bake a Cupcake


A cupcake is a small cake that is baked in a cup-shaped container, often with icing on top. It is typically made of cake batter, but may also be filled with jam or pastry cream, and decorated with frosting, icing, and/or other decorations.

It can be a fun treat for kids and adults alike to bake cupcakes, as they are so easy to make and taste great. They are a perfect dessert for any occasion, and they’re also easy to transport.

They’re a delicious way to treat yourself and your family, and they’re a great gift to give someone special. They’re sure to please any sweet tooth and come in many different flavors.

The most important thing when baking cupcakes is to keep the cooking time short. A longer cooking time will result in a dense and heavy cake.

To ensure that your cakes cook evenly, it’s helpful to use a pan that has been greased and brushed with nonstick cooking spray. This will help them release easily from the pan when they’re done.

You can also use a skewer, toothpick, or paring knife to test whether your cupcakes are cooked through; they should spring back when you touch them gently with a fingertip and should not be sticky in the center. They should also be slightly wiggly when you shake the tin, and they should not have any batter smears on them.

Most recipes that work for standard-sized cakes can be used for cupcakes; it’s just important to make sure that the volume of the cake is sufficient for the smaller size. For example, if the recipe calls for a cup of cake mix, you’ll need to make a half-cup of batter.

Once your cupcakes are finished baking, they need to be cooled. They can be popped out of the tin, but it’s best to let them sit for 5 minutes before inverting them onto a cooling rack to prevent them from over-browning.

Depending on the size of your tin, you’ll want to bake each cupcake for about 25 minutes, or until a skewer or toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. If you’re not sure that your cakes are done, they can be left in the tin for another 5 to 10 minutes before inverting.

Some people enjoy decorating cupcakes to represent things like seasons, days of the week, and days in the month. You can use a variety of materials and designs to create these, such as flowers, leaves, writing, and plastic models.

It’s also a fun activity for children to make their own cupcakes, since they can use a variety of colors and shapes. The baking process can be a learning experience, and it can be a good way to practice math and science concepts, such as changing materials, weights and proportions, and calories.

They can also be a great tool to teach kids about different cultures and cuisines. They can be decorated to represent countries, cities, or even continents, and they can help them learn about geography and history.

Fortnite – What is the Best Online Battle Royale Game?


Fortnite is an online game that pits up to 100 players against each other in a battle royale. It was released in 2017 and has been played by millions of people worldwide. The game is free to play, but players can spend money on in-game cosmetics that make their avatar look more attractive.

The most popular mode is the battle royale, in which you have to fight to be the last player standing in a huge battle arena. In order to be the last person standing, you have to collect weapons and items to fend off other players. You can also earn a variety of rewards for beating different challenges, such as special weapons or the ability to use gliders.

Another popular mode is the cooperative game, Fortnite: Save the World. In this mode, you can build a base to help you survive the zombie-like creatures that roam the world. You can also earn a variety of weapons and equipment for your home base to help you defend it from enemies.

You can download the game for free on PC or PS4/PS5 by visiting the official website, but you’ll need an Epic Games account to play. Once you have the game on your device, you can access the in-game store and buy extra content for it.

There are three main game modes: Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite Creative. The battle royale mode is the most popular, and has been the driving force behind Fortnite’s growth since its release in 2017.

Unlike other battle royale games, Fortnite features no fixed map and it drops you onto a random location. This means that your experience can vary wildly depending on who’s playing and where you are.

The other two modes feature a much more open world, which allows you to create your own areas of the map. These are called the “Islands.” The islands can have multiple structures on them, which you can customize and use to build your home base. You can even design your own mini-games or battle arenas on the islands.

In both Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite: Creative, players can also purchase cosmetics. These items can be used to modify the game’s appearance, and they can be redeemed for in-game currency, which is earned by winning battles.

As of 2019, Fortnite has over 250 million players, which makes it one of the most popular video games in history. It’s also a top contender in the esports market, with professional gamers making their living off of it.

How can I download Fortnite on my Apple device?

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you can download the free version of the game straight from the Apple App Store. Alternatively, you can use your Epic Games account to install the game directly from the company’s website.

It is safe for kids to play Fortnite, but it does involve shooting and killing other players. It does not show any blood or other body parts, and it is considered to be a low-risk game by the ESRB, which rates it for children 12+.

How to Make Ramen at Home


Ramen is a bowl of thick, chewy wheat noodles drenched in a hot broth and often topped with meat, vegetables, and other delicious ingredients. It is a popular Japanese comfort food, and one of the most iconic dishes in Japan.

It is also the world’s most inexpensive dish, making it a go-to lunch or dinner option for many families. It is a cheap meal that is packed with flavor, and is easily prepared at home.

There are 4 main styles of ramen: Shoyu, Shio, Tonkotsu and Miso. Each has their own distinctive flavors.

The most important part of any ramen soup is the broth itself. Broths can vary in thickness and are seasoned with a variety of ingredients.

Some ramen broths are made from beef, pork or chicken bones. Others are made from fish, soybeans or other vegetables. Regardless of the origin, the broth is often flavored with soy sauce and mirin.

Most ramen broths have an earthy, deep taste. Some are a bit salty or tangy, while others are sweet and creamy.

You can find a wide variety of broths at Japanese grocery stores and specialty stores. Some are flavored with bonito flakes and kelp. Other flavors may include dried seaweed, mushrooms or katsuobushi.

When choosing the right type of broth for your ramen, you must consider the style you want to create and the amount of meat or vegetable that you plan to add. You should choose a broth that is thick enough to cling to the noodles, yet not so rich that they become heavy or cloudy.

The next step is to decide which seasonings you will use. There are many choices, but the most common are soy sauce, miso and salt.

These are all used to enhance the flavor of the soup and give it depth. Soy sauce tare is usually in a liquid form, miso tare is a paste, and salt tare is a powder. Chefs choose which tare to use based on the style of the broth they are making, for example if it is light and simple, they might pick salt tare.

If you are looking for a more intense flavor, you can also try using miso tare instead of soy sauce. It will give you more of a nutty flavor and will also make your ramen more hearty.

Lastly, you can always add a few extra toppings to your ramen to make it even more delicious! Chashu (fatty pork) is a common topping, but you can also try adding other things like green onions or menma.

Adding a ramen egg is another great way to change the flavor of your ramen. This is a popular Japanese addition to many bowls of ramen, and it adds the perfect texture and a nice amount of saltiness to the dish.